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Message from the Principal

Changes at CCE

Dear CCE Parents,

The Board of Education approved, on December 21,2017, the appointment of Veronica Dunn, CCE 6th grade teacher, as interim principal at Pioneer Elementary for the remainder of 2017-2018 academic year.

Please help me congratulate Sra. Dunn for the opportunity to continue her development as an educational leader in our district. During her tenure at CCE she has affected the lives of students, parents and teacher colleagues in a very positive way allowing all of us us to grow as students, parents, teachers and professionals.

Also please help me welcoming Juan Ramirez who has been hired as a long term substitute for Sra. Dunn’s class. He has been a 

Juan Ramirez has been hired as a long term substitute for Sra. Dunn’s class. Many of you know Juan as a parent in our program and/or as a substitute. He will be working with Veronica during the week of January 8-12. Veronica will start working at Pioneer on Monday, January 16.

Once more, please help me congratulating Veronica for this new position and to welcome Juan Ramirez to our school.

Denise Beck - Principal


Dear Parents,

Please mark your calendars to these important dates for Kindergarten Information and Registration for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

Wednesday, February 7: Kindergarten Information Night  7:00 - 8:00 pm at the school MPR

Thursday, February 8: School Tours (9:00 - 10:15 am) for prospective Kindergarten parents - reservations needed.

Friday, February 9School Tours (9:00 - 10:15 am) for prospective Kindergarten parents - reservations needed.

Tuesday, February 13: Kindergarten Registration for siblings of current CCE students and Spanish speakers 4:00 - 7:00 pm CCE -MPR

Wednesday, February 14: Kindergarten Registration for all prospective students 2:00 - 7:00 pm CCE - MPR


Denise Beck - Principal


Dear Parents,

On Tuesday, November 14, there was a shooting rampage in Northern California. The gunman shot and killed 5 adults, including members of his family and neighbors, before driving to Rancho Tehama Elementary School.

The school administration called for an immediate school lock -down. School personnel, who have practiced this drill with students, brought all students into the classrooms, closed the classroom doors and sheltered students inside the room. The quick reaction probably saved many students’ lives.

Student safety is a priority in all Davis schools. Every school has a Safety Plan that includes practice of specific drills for different situations that might occur in our schools. This plan includes clear steps to follow in an emergency, when there is a need to coordinate with other agencies. A new plan will be reviewed by Site Council and approved by the Board of Education on May 2018.

At César Chávez all students and teachers have practiced all types of safety drills this year. After each drill the team leaders evaluated the consistent adherence to drill procedures. The team shared results with District Safety Coordinator to review areas of improvement. We will continue to practice safety drills and evaluate them throughout the year.

Denise Beck

Dear Parents,

On November 3, Superintendent John Bowes published a message in the district website about recent hate crimes at Davis Senior High School.

 In the message he describes the incidents:

“a series of incidents of graffiti perpetrated at Davis Senior High school including swastikas, anti-Semitic slogans, racial and other slurs including the “N”-word” that have targeted Jewish, African Americans, LGBTQ and other groups in our school community.”

And the actions taken by the school administration:  

“I am proud of the response from the Interim Principal McHale and the Davis Senior High School staff to hate speech on the campus.  The message has been clear and consistent: There is no room for intolerance in Davis Joint Unified and we will stand against hate and continue to be a safe and welcoming place for all students, staff and families.” 

“For our students or staff who may be feeling vulnerable, counselors are available to help and provide support.”

He reminded us of the BOE actions last February when

“the Davis School Board approved our We All Belong Resolution: Safe and Welcoming Schools, which provided a clear and transparent statement that DJUSD shall be a place where all students, employees and families feel welcome and safe regardless of their immigration status, race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or gender expression.

He also announced an invitation to all members of the community:

“As part of our ongoing work to promote these values, I want to announce that on December 4, we will be holding our second Annual We All Belong Community Forum at North Davis Elementary School multipurpose room from 6:30pm-8:00pm. I invite all members of our community to join us for an evening of learning and sharing as we continue to refine what we are doing to promote our values in speech and action.  We look forward to parent, student, staff and community participation in this important workshop.”

We encourage all members of our CCE community to participate in this important conversation that will shape the way we educate ourselves about the issues on hand and will help define the district’s policies and actions on these issues.


Denise Beck

Dear Parents,

Please mark these important dates in your calendar:


Thursday, November 9: Teacher Work Day - NON STUDENT DAY

Friday, November 10: Veteran's Holiday  - NO SCHOOL

Monday, November 13 - Friday, November 17: Parent-Teacher Conference Week and Book Fair at the School MPR Dismissal at 1:30  everyday.

If you have not set a conference time with your child's teacher yet, please contact the teacher as soon as possible.

Monday, November 20 - Sunday, November 26 : Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

Monday,  November 27:  School Resumes

Dear Parents,

 Please, follow the school procedures that are in place to provide a safe environment for all students at CCE:

1. Make sure that you first stop at the office to use the RAPTOR system when you are helping in the classroom and/or in the school. After accessing the system with your driver license, you will obtain a sticker. Make sure you wear the sticker with your picture and name at all times. Staff and other adults on campus will ask you to go to the office to get a sticker if you are not one. We are also asking parents to help us by sending adults without a sticker to the office as well.  Working together for the safety of our students!

2. Parking lot use is limited to school personnel. In addition to teachers, we have a large number of part time employees who work in more than one campus. They need access to the parking lot at different times during the day.  Due to the limited number of parking spaces and the increase number of support personnel, this year we will distribute Parking Permits to all employees and parking will be only limited to individuals who have a parking permit.  Thanks for your help.

3. Three minute drop off zone: The front of the school – Anderson Road – is a three minutes parking zone. The driver of the vehicle needs to stay inside the vehicle at all times. The Davis Police Department could give a ticket if you are not following that rule.

4. When parking in the neighborhood to get access to CCE, make sure NOT to park in front of the neighbor’s driveway blocking the area. Make sure that your vehicle does not move or crash into the neighbor’s trash cans.

5. Make sure you and your student use the pedestrian crossing to get access to the school. You can use the pedestrian crossing in the north, south and middle of the parking lot.

6. When bringing a bike to school, make sure you walk your bike on the parking lot. Do not walk or ride your bike in the hallways.  You can park your bike either in the south or north bike racks. You can then walk your child or get access to the office as you walk.

7. After the bell rings, walk to the center of the blacktop when you can talk to other parents for a few minutes: classes are in session after students enter the classroom.

Thanks for your help,